Teamwork is an important part of public service. I have demonstrated my abilities as a team-player in a few different ways. I am always ready to step-up and help where needed. I have been a Girl Scout Troop Leader, BMX Score Keeper, back-up Little League Coach and organizer of food drives. I remain open to new experiences and flexible while working.

Currently, I am Secretary for the Dog Park Committee. While working as a team, I was instrumental in moving this long awaited project forward. I worked with committee members and town employees to identify what we needed to apply for grant funding. These efforts resulted in Richmond receiving over $70,000 to create an official dog park.

I am also a member of the Conservation Commission. During my time here, I have assisted with clean up days, trail projects and public outreach.

I am always ready to listen to the other side and I value different perspectives. Our differences and informed debate are an essential part of moving forward together. All differences must be addressed with civility, integrity and a commitment to doing what is best for Richmond and our community.