Councilor Updates

  • May Update: Economic Development and Parks.

    Ordinance Audit I voted in favor of spending up to $15,000 on an ordinance audit of our towns ordinances. During discussions, the Town Planner mentioned that there may be funds available from a local environmental group and RI Housing that will help review our ordinances. Our ordinances are not confusing or misleading as is, however… Read more

  • Municipal Budget Vote!

    Town Council approved the budget at a 0% increase to the property tax levy this year. June 5, 2023 will be our first all-day referendum on the town budget. This change is due to the voter approved Charter Amendments and opens the opportunity for more voices to be equally heard. We no longer hold a… Read more

  • Mid-March 2023 update

    All councilors now have new town issued emails. Mine is  Chariho School Budget Vote on April 4th between 8am-8pm at the Richmond Town Hall for the Chariho Budget! FAQs regarding the budget can be found here. “Public Education is about funding student access and opportunity” – Superintendent of the Chariho Regional School District Important Upcoming… Read more

  • Public Forum

    At our Council meeting last night, I voted against a motion to move the public forum to the end of our meeting. This motion may come as a surprise to the many residents who know that the entire Council started our term by placing public forum first on our agenda as a way to prioritize… Read more

  • January 2023 Councilor Update

    Juneteenth After receiving resolutions from Barrington and Little Compton, I requested the council discuss this holiday.  I agreed with President Trimmer that exchanging this holiday with Victory Day may be a good option. My goal was to create more positive holidays. The approved resolution did not include the exchange in holidays. Ultimately, this decision is… Read more

  • Richmond’s Chariho Regional School Committee Representative Appointment

    The following is what I read at the 1/19/2023 TC Meeting regarding the SC Appointment. Shortened to 500 words: I take my oath to office seriously which stated in part that, “I do solemnly swear… …that I will observe the Charter and the ordinances of the Town of Richmond, and that I will faithfully discharge… Read more