Hello! My name is Samantha Wilcox.

I am honored to be serving the Town of Richmond as a Town Councilor. I have many goals that include protecting our environment, ensuring our taxes are invested wisely and offset by beneficial business development, and increasing transparency. I lead with rational and critical thinking, along with a commitment to Richmond and dedication to teamwork.

Please reach out to share any questions or concerns with me.


I am a lifelong RI resident. In 2018, I bought a home in Richmond with my husband and two children. I became involved with Town activities shortly after because when we bought our house, we knew it would be our forever home. Once the kids are grown, we plan to age in place. We’re here for life and invested in the community for the long term. All decisions need to not only meet the needs of today but shape our future.

I work as a Paralegal in Newport with a focus on immigration and admiralty/maritime law. My favorite part of this career is listening to people and solving problems. My work has a wide variety of situations and sets of facts which prepares me to think quickly and use a variety of resources to accomplish various goals. 

In my free time, you can find me outside with my family. I love to hike, mountain bike, geocache and work in my garden. Arcadia is my favorite place. I lived two miles away when my children were younger and we made many memories there. There are so many different trail options that every visit is different. Our dog, Chase, is ready for any adventure.