I moved to Richmond for its rural character, outdoor recreation and great schools. Our town is safe and has an outstanding community. With this comes a higher tax rate, I knew this when I moved here, but there is certainly room for improvement. We need to insure our tax dollars are invested wisely and offset by beneficial business development.

Affordable housing, business growth and increasing revenue, including the use of grants for certain projects, will help alleviate our taxes. We have opportunities in the vicinity of Route 138 and Interstate 95 for new mixed developments that offer commercial and residential buildings and renovation of buildings in such disrepair they cannot support occupancy. Development here helps not only improve the aesthetics and maintain the rural character of the Town but is best for the long term success of the business.

Town Council and the Planning Board can work together to create, strengthen and enforce ordinances that support land developers and help rejuvenate these areas, which will help alleviate our tax burden.

Business growth and other development needs to be made in moderation and will take time. We can support builders and business owners by prioritizing projects that fit the town’s standards and working together to find a balance between meeting investors’ needs and the needs of the community.