Climate Change

Alton Pond 2022

As a Conservation Commissioner, I am proud to be a part of a team working to help conserve our natural resources and promote outdoor recreation. A major attraction to our town is the variety of outdoor recreation within its forests and rivers including walking trails, kayaking, fishing, and canoeing. As visitors and residents explore and admire the scenic area, Richmond has the potential to set the example as a green, environmentally sustainable town that preserves its open space.

Preservation of open space will help minimize the effects of climate change. It protects the earth’s soils and keeps important ecosystems intact. While cities and suburbs are trying to plant more trees, we need to protect and properly maintain ours. As a Town Councilor, I hope to help by creating, strengthening and enforcing ordinances that support green initiatives.

I recently took part in a municipal resiliency workshop. The town gathered individuals in various roles within the town to discuss what strengths and weaknesses Richmond has. This data will help us know what to prioritize actions and be eligible for possible funding to help us become more resilient.